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Benefits of Vocational Knowledge Library

Vocational Knowledge Library by ThotBox Solutions helps to streamline vocational rehabilitation. (what do you mean by "vocational rehabilitation?" Explain this in one short sentence.) The Vocational Knowledge Library uses a built-in document management system to easily generate weekly reports, track activities, and follow the vocational assignments of patients.

The ability to provide detailed reports helps to identify patient progress in attaining professional goals. Patients have the ability to track progress through diagnostic assessment of vocational program goals. Patients learn to be self-motivated and become accountable for individual progress; which therefore fosters holistic rehabilitation within the patient. 

The necessity of computer skills is on the rise in the modern workforce. Because of this, and because computer skills are integral for a general understanding of our changing world, patients need hands-on experience with computers as part of vocational rehab, no matter for how long. With technological integration provided by Thotbox Solutions, individual practices can now market In-House Computer training as a part of rehab packages.

How This Solution Will Increase Your Marketability

Since patients vary, the scheduling of quality vocational rehab agencies are increasingly difficult, this service is purchased from ThotBox by clinics directly. When clinics purchase directly, ThotBox provides in-house training for Vocational Knowledge Library operation.  The Vocational Knowledge Library acts as a marketing tool that targets work conditioning and pain management programs, both of which require basic computer skills to meet work goals.

The Thotbox practice can also market In-House Computer training as a part of rehab package! Boasting proven results, the Vocational Knowledge Library can help guarantee patient extensions and acquire more time to offer vocational services.

Here are highlights of each integrated solution, by product:

Vocational Knowledge Library

Workers Compensation Portal

Workers comp/SSI/Un-employment law

Q&A format

Forms and Applications

Searchable documents

Business Etiquette

Interviewing Skills

Resume Techniques

Job Search Strategy

Job Search Engine

Metro Houston Area Database

Obscure jobs within Houston Job Market readily available

Job/Skill Matching Applications

Teach Computer Skills



Built-In Communication Portal/Discussion Board

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