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Document Management

ThotBox offers an affordable document management system that gives any size business the ability to quickly find, share and access all document types, in any format. Clients can access both scanned-in and electronic, computer-generated files from one easy-to-use desktop screen. Unlike other document management systems, DocuXplorer requires no IT department or outside consultant for installation, setup or administration. This document indexing system is designed to be intuitive and user-generated, reflecting the way users think about and search for data.

Our Document Management service provides extensive security and audit features that are compliant with Southeastern Conference, National Association of Securities Dealers, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations. DocuXplorer provides industries such as finance, investment consulting, insurance, and medicine with a complete solution for a paperless office, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Here are some of the DocuXplorer features:

Document Capture

Library Functions Versions

Audit Trail




PDF Print Capture

Extended database display and reporting features

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