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No business is in business without the technological tools it needs to stay on top. Thotbox offers leases on the equipment you need to put your organization above the rest, all in one easy place with technological specialists on hand to help you integrate the new equipment into your workflow.

Ideal Point-of-Sale Solution for Table Service & Quick Service Restaurants

Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition is a low-cost, feature rich and easy-to-use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants. Whether your restaurant is a coffee shop, a steak house, a bar & grill, a pizza shop, a cafeteria or any other food service establishment, our solution can help streamline your operations by custom tailoring the software to fit your individual needs.

Reliable Solution Proven in the Industry

Aldelo For Restaurants is well received in over 20,000 institutions around the world due to its flexibility, ease of use and completeness.  Additionally, our solution is Microsoft Windows XP compatible since 2003.

A Simple Interface for Better Business

Aldelo For Restaurants does not require its users to be technologically savvy in order to use it.  In less than a few minutes of on-site tutorial, your staff will be able to start using Aldelo For Restaurants like pros.

You will greatly reduce staff training expenses with our user friendly screen designs.  Best of all, Aldelo For Restaurants is a complete package with POS, Hostess, CRM, Inventory, Labor Control and much more, all included without additional charges.

Key Product Features:

100% Touch Operated Point of Sale

Visual Floor Management

Complete Hostess Features such as Reservations, Waiting List & Guest Paging

Advanced CRM such as Gift Card, House Account, Frequent Buyers

Caller-ID Integration, MapPoint Integration, Coin Dispenser Integration

Labor & Scheduling Management

Menu Recipe Control & Complete Inventory Management

Payment Processing Integration

One Touch Order Split & Combine

Multiple Check Tender Support

Multiple Kitchen Routing Destinations

Ready for Online Food Ordering Integration

Ready for Kitchen Display Integration

Ready for Fingerprint Authentication Integration

Ready for Liquor Dispenser System Integration

Ready for Hotel/Resort Room Charge Integration

Extensive Management Reports

And much more all included in the standard package!

Please contact ThotBox, your authorized Aldelo Channel distributor, for a demo.

Ideal for Restaurants and Bars Inside Hotels/Resorts

Aldelo Hotel Integrator is the ideal add on for restaurants and bars that operate within a hotel or resort property that uses Micros 4700 compatible or Micros Opera hotel management solution.

Aldelo Hotel Integrator allows your staff to quickly and efficiently pull up guest folios and post room charges in real time. No longer will you need to call front desk to verify posting privileges. This saves time and energy when your guest checks out, but also ensures that all charges are in a central location to save time and energy for your employees.

Key Product Features:

Integrates with Micros 4700 Compatible and Micros Opera Hotel Solutions

Fast & Responsive Folio Integration

Inquire Guest Folios From POS

Post Room Charge to Guest Folio From POS

View Detailed Transaction Logs

Better Liquor Accountability

Aldelo Liquor Controller is the key to eliminate unauthorized liquor pours and maximize liquor accountability for bars and taverns.

Aldelo Liquor Controller integrates with Berg Liquor Dispensor equipment to form a unique strategy that helps businesses minimize liquor losses while maximizing liquor profitability.

Aldelo Liquor Controller enables bars and taverns collect on every pour and fully capitalize on their liquor inventory.  No longer will bartenders have the ability to giveaway drinks without proper authorization.

Fully Integrated with Restaurant Point of Sale

Aldelo Liquor Controller is fully integrated with Aldelo For Restaurants in order to provide users with a seamless operation experience.

Every drink order placed into Aldelo For Restaurants is transmitted to Aldelo Liquor Controller via TCP/IP for pour authorization.  Likewise, every drink voided in Aldelo For Restaurants will also result in the automatic removal of pour authorization in Aldelo Liquor Controller.

The integrated Berg Liquor Dispensor Equipment will only pour if Aldelo Liquor Controller authorizes such pour requests, thus resulting in secured liquor control. Please contact ThotBox, your authorized Aldelo Channel Partner, for a demo.

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