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Training and Development Services

Service Overview

With an understanding of how people think and learn, our team of experienced instructional designers and multimedia developers strive to produce and deliver the highest quality training for users. All of our training products are developed and facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced industry leaders. We’re committed to developing eventful, enjoyable and lasting E-Learning experiences that stimulate your business and employees alike.

How We Do It

We address business problems, not just training needs. With our Custom E-Learning and Course development services, we involve our clients in every step of the project development process. This proven method has yielded 100% satisfactory results. Because of our commitment to quality training, we meet with you to understand your business challenges and solicit feedback from all stakeholders. Our designers and developers are equipped with a range of developmental tools to build activities and interactions that place learners in situational contexts, and create training that addresses specific performance gaps.

Why We Do It

Our solutions are geared toward addressing the major challenges of virtually every company. Geographically disbursed audiences, industries with high turnover rates, changes in policy or procedure, and smaller training staffs can affect performance in any workplace. Low performance in management, finances, the sales team, or help-desk staff, can affect revenue and overall productivity within an organization. ThotBox offers solutions for low performance in any segment of business, through training that helps close the gap of miscommunication and shed light on the bottom line.

What We Do

No matter the learning solution, we’re committed to providing a learning product that renders "Eventful, Enjoyable and Lasting E-Learning Experiences". (note: I like the alliteration you’re going for here, but lasting is a better word. It’s E-Learning, so the alliteration still works.)

Our service delivery portfolio includes:

Custom E-learning & Course development

Device and Gadget Training

Simulations and Games

ILT (spell out ILT – not used yet) course conversion

Cataloged Courses

Home Technology Training

Multimedia Development

Instructor-Led Training Development

Individual Computer Training

SCORM/508/AICC Compliance Consulting.

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