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Entrepreneurship empowerment through creative technological solutions should be crafted to address an industries unique needs.

ThotBox takes into consideration the specialized needs of your business by helping you implement solutions to industry-specific issues. We consider your individual workflow, and also unique regulatory standards from HIPPA to Sarbanes-Oxley. Each business has different decisions to make regarding software, and our solutions team will work with your staff to ensure that technological tools match your needs. We understand that time is money, and our technology solutions help to improve the efficiency of your workflow, increasing both profit margins and subsequent results. This empowers your business to carve a space for itself in competitive industries by maximizing staff efficiency through technological communication.

ThotBox specializes in the niche industries of healthcare, retail, and hospitality, including both restaurants and lodging. We offer workflow-based solutions to maximize the potential of technology – without losing the personal touch that keeps your clients coming back. We offer interpersonal solutions for healthcare businesses to improve patient care, and increase service potential for retail and hospitality businesses by improving inventory and staff communication. We offer customized, creative technology-based options, rather than technology-dependent options, which empowers every entrepreneur regardless of specific industry. We offer market-sensitive consulting services, enabling your business to craft solutions using the abilities of your distinctive staff talent.
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