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Education (K-12) Industry

E-Learning Educational Technology Program

Thotbox offers an E-Learning Educational Technology program for the Texas public education system. The program is designed to assist educators with integrating technology into curriculum, enhancing the mastery of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and national standards. Our E-Learning Educational Technology Program delivers Solution Services which creates better learning continuity.

Features Benefits

Individualized instruction through wireless technology.

Students have individual interaction with learning objectives.

Enhancing problem solving and multi-dimensional approaches to decision making.

Encouraging multi-task oriented skills and being able to integrate task efficiently.

Providing immediate feedback through valid assessment.

Optimize quality of service.

Identifying and adapting customized instruction.

Increasing aptitude in learning objective area.

Allowing students to monitor and keep track of their own diagnostic tracking records.

Developing technical and analytical awareness for future occupation application.

Enhancing the competency of technology applications for educators.

Facilitating student work and support student learning.

Reduce and  manage costs.

Need more in education section. Thotbox provides the Texas education system with integrated technology? Or could? Need to be more clear with what is the relationship of Thotbox with education industry. Definitely needs to be its own section, not combined with Vocation.
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