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Introduce the ExtendSource program – it was developed in 2001, to help companies streamline their training programs and professional development needs for High Tech corporations. Thotbox’s ExtendSource® program provides engineering and technical marketing products for High Technology companies. We integrate the products of our partners into infrastructure platforms, developing solution proposals for organizations forced to follow tight deadlines.

We turn technical marketing whitepapers into interactive training snippets. This increases customers’ product knowledge, and extends the value of whitepapers.

Solution demos and interactive media design services are offered in the marketing campaigns of independent software and hardware vendors.

ExtendSource can also be utilized in technical sales and marketing communication services in regional and traveling road shows. We can augment your technical marketing staff at events and provide booth coverage, technical demos, whitepaper distribution, and prospect qualification.

By employing our ExtendSource services, High Tech companies can focus on program management and the development of a product roadmap. The results include a more efficient full- time staff, and prioritized marketing activities, saving both time and money.

ExtendSource Copywriting Services include:

White Papers

Solution Guides

Case Studies

Success Stories

Technology Briefs

Installation Guides

Knowledge Briefs

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