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Empowered creativity... it's the only way for a brand to survive in an increasingly saturated and difficult market.

"Your marketing visual assets must represent and reflect the culture of your Brand's Vision. This is done by understanding what the brand message is and depicting a storyline to create the visual designs that speak the Brand's Message," says Althea Gomes, Creative Marketing Director for ThotBox.

ThotBox will help you and your business manage and transform your idea, and develop marketable solutions from that design.

By implementing our Brand Design Development Process, ThotBox delivers creative direction and translation of your brand's identity digitally through multimedia applications with a focus on web, print, motion and audio packages.

Our Brand Design Development Process:

Identify your marketplace value proposition.

Establish a Brand Framework which communicates your value proposition.

Create Brand Visual Assets based of your Brand Framework.

Integrate your Brand Visual Assets into marketing and retail material.

Manage a Design Refresh Roadmap.

As a company, we customize our brand design development process into your organizational strategy and help to establish a current marketing strategy to fit your brand requirements. We tend to focus our brand design services within organizations covering the Beauty Care, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Retail and Hospitality Industries.

Range of Capabilities

Direct Mail: A great way to get existing clients, patients and new ones remembering why they should choose you over the competition.

Re-branding: Creating a new look will tell your customers you are up to change and your business is successful.

Website Design: The most cost-effective way of advertising that shows advancements in your business by promoting it in the virtual marketplace.

Menu and Hospitality packaging: Custom Designed Restaurant Menu, "Menu Engineering," Food Graphics and Hospitality Signage.

Campaign Sites: To introduce a new product, a service, treatments, tradeshows coordinated with social networking sites.

Motion: Creating motion graphics for clients, a simple interview or "small talk." Integrating the power of viral marketing can be used on your website,  digital signage or in commercials to increase your business brand mindshare with your typical customer and attract out-of-thebox ones.

Digital Signage: Customized graphics and videos created to educate and entertain the viewers that are visiting your establishment.

ThotFolio: Click here to get a visual of our brand design capabilities.

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