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Environmental Technology Design

Interior design planning that overlays your architectural blueprints and focuses on the audio acoustics, video visuals, lighting mood and media-technology communication of your commercial construction project.

"Environmental Technology Design (ETD) is the careful response of a design to the interaction between people and their environments."
– Corbett Gale, ThotBox Executive Design Partner.

ThotBox utilizes ergonomic theory and integrates adaptive technology into interior design principles that surround our daily lives. ETD is meant to enhance human experiences through the careful integration of our 5 senses with technology and design. Our experience of the space that surrounds our daily lives molds our feelings, moods, and our ability to react to situations. By carefully designing the environment around us and creating a virtual extension of our homes, office spaces become relaxing environments that create balance between treatment and aesthetics. Our ETD process studies the business environment and enhances customer and staff experiences. For healthcare, ETD implementation ultimately reduces patient anxiety and improves the quality of patient care while creating a better work environment. For Retail and Hospitality, ETD implementation improves the visual and audio factors through digital signage, creating increased product awareness. 

ETD Factoid

"In a recent study, patients were polled about technology in the medical workplace. An overwhelming 80% of the patients surveyed said that they feel better about visiting their doctor when they see the office is up-to-date with all the most recent technology. Ryan Pyle of Houston, Texas, was quoted saying, “I recently moved and had to find a new family doctor. It took me over a month to locate a medical professional whose office matched the needs of my family. I was very surprised to find that most of the offices I visited were old, stuffy, and seemed to be a patient factory.”

Retail and Restraunt ETD Highlights

5 senses connection of your brand to your primary product and service.

5 senses connection of your brand to your primary product and service offering.

Balance customer traction "noise" with staff workflow and logistics communication.

Create visual reference points to guide the customer's attention.

Lighting accents to focus on hospitality and service related signage.

Interactive areas through technology to improve customer relations management.

Healthcare ETD Highlights

Improved quality of patient care.

Acoustical sound walls to create semi-confidential conversation areas.

Enhanced interior design and visual aesthetics.

Reduced patient anxiety.

Increased patient “recall” and referrals.

Adaptable technology.

Streamlined business efficiency.

HIPPA compliance and Improved security.

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