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The unique style of your business is what makes it stand out in the marketplace and attract repeat clients that come to rely on your specialized service.

This comes from the ability of your business to project a unique atmosphere, made possible through streamlined software that coordinates the efforts of your staff with the needs of your clients. The ThotBox approach to software design is much like a sports or entertainment talent agency; we help to connect industrial software designers with businesses that match in aesthetic and services. We give voice to industrial designers by providing them with the tools and engineered brand to market unique technological developments to the right businesses, and solve your business design needs by pairing your business with the right design team.

Software design isn’t the only design necessary to create a competitive business that appeals to the aesthetic desires of prospective clients. A well-structured workplace is essential for first impressions, often the most lasting and influential. ThotBox offers services to revamp your workplace by coordinating space planning and architectural acoustics. In this vein, ThotBox is always looking for industrial interior designers to involve in site-specific projects that empower businesses lacking in unique design touches. We’re currently involved in over 100 different projects across the country turning bland workplaces into stimulating environments that improve both staff creativity and client relations.
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