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The Art of Science

Da Vinci is perhaps the best known "Renaissance man" in human history. More than anyone else of his time, or arguably since, Da Vinci was able to integrate his talents and develop ideas that were a fusion of art and science. His doodles became the first designs for a helicopter, and the rudimentary practicality seen in great paintings like the Mona Lisa is mirrored in his conception of solar power as an energy source. Today, the line between art and science seems stark, in some cases regarding public funding, even hostile. Yet the innovations in technology can in some light be seen as artistic endeavor, especially when concerning personalization of technological tools to fit individual needs. Isn’t art a continual process of seeking individuality in a world of sameness?

Both Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, are known for their artistic presentations, though their material tends to fall on opposite ends of the spectrum. Jobs is known for stark backdrops that illuminate the simplicity of his words; Gates tends toward colorful and easy-flow charts that support his oral presentation. These are prime examples of art aiding science, illustrative of the relationship between the two concentrations. When art and science come together, they yield innovation and invention. The byproducts of art and science in the 20th century are the technological tools that bring us together, connecting our society.

Thotbox Technologies capitalize on this fusion, using the art of PC customization to meet your scientific needs. In the same way that Da Vinci’s doodles became the machines of our present, and in the same way that Bill Gates develops products through artistic diagrams, so does Thotbox offer creative, innovative services that make the science of entrepreneurship more manageable and rewarding. Our custom PCs provide your small business will the artistic fodder it needs to make scientific gains that resonate through your specific field, and our technician specialists will work with your team to strike an appropriate balance of this synthesis. This is the "art of science" at its best.
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