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Trademarks and Asset Ownership

Thotbox Incorporated

To build and preserve brand value, ThotBox has claimed certain product names, product features, technologies, logos and designs as registered or unregistered trademarks. Below is a current list of United States trademarks owned by ThotBox. Please note, however, that this list is not a comprehensive list of all ThotBox trademarks in the United States, other countries, or both. The fact that a name or logo does not appear on this list does not mean that ThotBox does not use the mark, nor does it mean that the product is not actively marketed or is not significant within its relevant market.

Those trademarks followed by ® are registered trademarks of ThotBox in the United States, unless otherwise designated. All others are trademarks or common law marks of ThotBox.

ThotBox Corporation
ThotBox Solutions®, ThotBox®, thbx®

Digital Desktop Systems
ThotBox NetIdea, ThotBox Cynergy, ThotBox PowerBOX

Digital Laptop Systems
THOTBOOK®, AKalade 1191/4791/8091 Series

Storage Server Systems
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