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Vocation & Education (K-12)


Benefits of Vocational Knowledge Library
Vocational Knowledge Library by ThotBox Solutions helps to streamline vocational rehabilitation. With a built-in document management system, the Vocational Knowledge Library is perfect for generating weekly reports and tracking activities and vocational assignments for patients. With the ability to provide detailed reports which helps to identify patient progress in attaining professional goals. Patients have the ability to track progress through diagnostic assessment of vocational program goals. Patients learn to be self-starters and become accountable for their return-to-work process; which therefore fosters holistic rehabilitation within the patient. 
Computer skills are on the rise as a necessary skill in today’s workforce, patients need hands-on experience with computers as part of vocational rehab. Even in cases where patients are not approved for more time, more services can be offered in whatever duration.  Practice can now market In-House Computer training as apart of rehab packages.

How This Solution Will Increase Your Marketability
Since patients are far and in-between and scheduling of quality Voc. Rehab agencies are increasingly difficult, this service is purchased from ThotBox by the Clinics directly. When clinics purchase directly, ThotBox provides in-house training for vocational knowledge library operation.  The Vocational Knowledge Library acts as a marketing tool for targeting work hardening work conditioning and pain management programs that will need basic computer skills as apart of their return to work goals. Practice can market In-House Computer training as apart of rehab package! With proven results, Vocational knowledge library can help guarantee patient extensions and acquire more time to offer vocational services.
Listed are highlights of the
Vocational Knowledge Library:

Workers Compensation Portal

  • Workers comp/SSI/Un-employment law
  • Q&A format
  • Forms and Applications
  • Searchable documents

Business Etiquette

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Resume Techniques
  • Job Search Strategy

Job Search Engine

  • Metro Houston Area Database
  • Obscure jobs within Houston Job Market readily available
  • Job/Skill Matching Applications

Teach Computer Skills

  • Basic
  • Mini-Retraining
  • Built-In Communication Portal/Discussion Board

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Education (K-12) Industry

E-Learning Educational Technology Program
E-Learning Educational Technology program is our offering for the Texas public education system.  The program is designed to assist educators with integrating technology into curriculum, enhancing mastery of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and National standards.  Our industry standards based e-Learning Educational Technology Program delivers Solution Services which creates better learning continuity.



Optimize quality of service 

  • Individualized instruction through wireless technology,
  • Students’ have one on one interaction with learning objectives,
  • Enhancing problem solving and multi-dimensional approaches to decision making,
  • Encouraging multi-task oriented skills and being able to integrate task efficiently,
  • Providing immediate feedback through valid assessment.


Reduce and manage costs

  • identifying and adapting customized instruction,
  • to increase aptitude in learning objective area,
  • allowing students’ to monitor and keep track of their own diagnostic tracking records,
  • developing technical and analytical awareness for future occupation application,
  • enhancing the competency of technology applications for educators’,
  • facilitate student work and support student learning.